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Luxury Wedding Stationery
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Letterpress is a traditional and manual printing process using a metal printing plate which is etched with your bespoke design.  Your stationery comes to life when the printing plate is applied with ink and pressed into your chosen card stock to create a gorgeous textured print.


As every single element of letterpress printed stationery is created by hand by master printers, your stationery really will be a work of art, and the craftsmanship and skill is reflected in the cost of this process.


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A process of relief printing similar to letterpress, but in the place of the ink,

a heated printing plate embosses your chosen foil into the surface of the card stock.


Available in a rainbow of colours, metallics and even holographic foil, choosing to print your stationery in hot foil is a brilliant way to allude to the style of your wedding day. Opulent gold foil printed on neutral coloured card stock exudes luxury, elegance and sophistication, while coloured foil brings personality and introduces the colour palette of your wedding day to your guests.

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Paired with minimalist, contemporary designs and luxurious heavy card stocks digital printing can create beautiful considered stationery.

Printed entirely in black ink on coloured card stocks or translucent vellum, or introducing colour through text, pattern and design, digitally printing your wedding offers a wide range of creative options to create a suite of wedding stationery that is entirely bespoke to you and your wedding day.

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As well as opting for a mixture of printing processes for each element of your wedding stationery, you might also choose to combine printing processes that you use for example of your wedding invitation card.

Digital printing can be used hand in hand with printing methods like letterpress and hot foil printing. These traditional printing methods can be used to pick out and highlight details within the design, contrasting with the digitally printed information on the same card creating luxurious modern stationery.

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The same digital printing process using white ink creates striking contemporary stationery. Most effective on dark card stocks, incorporating white digital ink into your wedding stationery makes a bold statement.

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