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When planning to post your wedding stationery, there are a few things to consider that will be specific to your wedding day.

· Are your guests travelling a long distance to celebrate with you, requiring them to book travel and accommodation?

· Is your wedding day on a popular date in high wedding season, or on a bank holiday?

· Does your venue or caterer have a date by which they need confirmed guest numbers and dietary requirements?

· When will the details and timings of your wedding day be finalised, for you to share with your guests?

A helpful way to approach your wedding stationery timeline is to work backwards from your wedding date. Considering the date by which you need to confirm guest numbers will inform your chosen RSVP date. To ensure swift responses from you guests, keep your dead

line short as RSVPs can get forgotten if you allow too long for your guests to respond. You may choose to allow an even shorter window of time for responses if you are gathering RSVPs through a wedding website, or by email.

To ensure that your guests can attend your wedding, without sending your full wedding invitation suite before your details are finalised, you may choose to send a Save the Date card when your wedding date and wedding venue have been confirmed.

When you have established your ideal timeline for posting your stationery, have a conversation with your stationer to ensure that they have capacity for your design work when you need to work with them. Your stationer will be able to advise you on the amount of time required for the design, printing, and production of your wedding stationery. Bear in mind that some processes and finishing touches such as letterpress printing, hot foil printing and calligraphy require a longer lead time than digital printing. Read more about the different printing processes here.

These pointers should provide a helpful starting point when you begin thinking about your wedding stationery timeline, but remember that every couple, wedding, and wedding day will be different, so don’t be afraid to follow your own schedule.

Get in touch at with any questions that you have about your wedding stationery timeline.

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