Sending your wedding invitation suite is your first opportunity to give your guests a taste of your wedding day. Your invitation suite could also include your RSVP card, and an information insert. However, you may decide to send your invitation card in isolation if you don’t have lots of information to share with your guests.



Your invitation card will hold the most important information for the day of your marriage; your names, the wedding venue and the date and time of your ceremony.


This return post will confirm your guests' attendance at your wedding, as well as any additional information that you require from your guests, such as menu choices or dietary requirements. Adding the names of your guests and return addressing your RSVP envelopes makes responding that little bit easier for your guests and is a luxurious addition that you may opt for. 


This is the place to divulge the ins and outs of your big day to your guests. Include information such as accommodation, travel to and from the venue, your preferred dress code, details of your gift list and any associated events that you may be planning.