The very first instagram post that ERA Calligraphy sent out into the world on 24th May 2018 was a quote from a childhood favourite film, The Sound of Music. So, to tell you how ERA Calligraphy was born, well, "Let's start at the very beginning".

My creative journey really does go back as far as I can remember; I was always a child that loved to colour, draw, paint and create. As I grew, this love of all things artistic grew with me. Time spent poring over textbooks and laptops in the library at school was always in anticipation of the moment that I would walk through through the doors to the art studio where I could lose, and find myself at the same time. I learned to print, to draw, to crochet, to paint, to sew, and to sculpt. But most of all, I learned to open my eyes and my mind to the possibility of discovery. 

By the time university applications came around, there was no decision to be made - of course I would study Art. After completing an Art Foundation Course, I was accepted to study Fine Art at the University of Oxford at The Ruskin School of Art. I studied the art of human anatomy and had the privilege of drawing from cadavers in the medical school. At the time I couldn’t have known how much these lessons would inform my creative practice. This work became abstracted and I developed a style of geometric drawings that would become the most substantial body of work in my portfolio.

I spent three years challenging and testing myself, learning not just about Art and its theories, but about myself, my ideals and my goals for the future. It was here that I realised that I wanted to work in art business - specifically at Sotheby’s. 

Sotheby’s gave me some of the most incredible opportunities. I worked with exceptional art and extraordinary people. I played a part in some momentous auctions, namely the sale of the collection of the great Late Sir Howard Hodgkin. Throughout my time at Sotheby's, I was granted access to some of the most wonderful collections in this country and further afield. Sotheby’s also provided a creative outlet through opening it’s galleries to staff for a fortnight each summer to exhibit their own art work. Exhibiting my work at Sotheby’s opened a sort of Pandora’s box - until that point, I hadn’t realised quite how much I missed creating. After the exhibition, all sorts of previously repressed creative skills started arising, and it was at this time that I decided I would learn calligraphy. 

Naming ERA came surprisingly easily - while standing for Ellie Rose Art, it also perfectly encapsulates the pride, joy and excitement that I feel about the fresh start that my business has given me - it is the start of an era. 

The rest, as they say, is history. 

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